This blog is purely personal. It's all about the one third part of life: leasure time (remaining are work and sleep).

I do not aim to promote any idea, nor I want you to stay here and read the posts I made. What I want is to track the things I do, share them, and at the end of the "day" come to a conclusion: "Did I have a life worth living?". I am not a person who wants to change a world, I don't care about donating and stuff. My contributions to this community is made in the other part of my life (at work).
As time will pass I want to see (and maybe want others to make their own conclusions as well), what did I achieve? What I learned, how many colours of life did I capture? (I'll edit this intro)

I won't reblog stuff or use somebody else's work here. Therefore, unless source is provided, all material posted to this blog is subject to ©. Although, feel free to share and reblog whatever you see here.


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